Our Work

Tutoring America is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-income students with supplemental tutoring services so that they can catch up to grade level in both math and English language arts. Our grants go directly to existing schools and other community organizations, and include funding for qualified tutors, tutoring software and computers.

Our experience with prior grants shows that students catch up by a full year after just 25 hours of focused work on tutoring software with assistance from qualified tutors. We believe that low-income students can close the education gap by putting in more hours on basic education during after-school, weekend, or summer sessions. Once the basic education gap is closed, we believe that students will be able to effectively participate in regular class and progress normally through high school, and potentially on to college.

Since education attainment is 99% correlated with median wages, we believe that closing the education gap between low and high income students is the key to addressing poverty in the US and globally. Moreover, poverty and low education attainment are associated with a large number of related problems such as substance abuse, homelessness, depression, poor health and low life expectancy. Consequently, channeling more resources into education is a critical imperative as it potentially could dramatically improve the quality of life for millions.